In the News: NETINT Codensity EdgeFusion E408 Announced

“Today NETINT Technologies announced that it was combing its video processing expertise with its SSD technology into a single compact integrated edge solution, the Codensity EdgeFusion E408. The new solution is geared toward improving video processing economics at the network edge…”

“NETINT Codensity EdgeFusion E408 takes the company’s expertise in video processing and combines it with NVMe storage making it ideal for storage and fast retrieval of large video files. The E408 combines its SSD capabilities with advanced H.264 AVC and H.265 HEVC video processors. According to NETINT, this architecture enables the E408 to also process 4K UHD video at 60 frames per second throughput, suitable for transcoding up to 8x 1080p30 video streams, or generating multiple encoding ladders at the edge for adaptive bit rate (ABR) streaming to video consumers….”

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