In The News – Solutions Abound for High-Volume Live Video Cloud Transcoding

The following is an excerpt from a recent article describing new options for demanding live cloud transcoding jobs.

“Of course, the most efficient transcoding will always be performed by application-specific encoding hardware. At Streaming Media West, NETINT Technologies’ Ray Adensamer described how his company’s System on Chip (SOC) encoder, in the Codensity T400, could enable 80x 1080p 30 H.265 sessions in a single 1RU server with 10 T400s installed. Rather than selling the T400 as a standalone encoding appliance, however, NETINT designed the module for installation in NVM Express-based storage servers. (Briefly, NVM Express, or NVMe, is an interface specification for connecting SSD-based storage to servers via the PCI Express bus. NVMe is used in cloud facilities and increasingly in the enterprise. Presumably, leveraging NVMe will simplify on-prem deployment for large-scale encoding shops and perhaps even convince a cloud service to install an application-specific device within a standards-based platform.)”

Here is link to full article – Solutions Abound for High-Volume Live Video Cloud Transcoding