Wangsu Deploys NETINT’s Codensity T400 Video Transcoders to Scale H.265 Video Streaming Services across Its Global CDN

BURNABY, British Columbia, April 4, 2019 – NETINT Technologies, a pioneer of computational storage and video processing SoC solutions for cloud and edge computing, today announced that Wangsu, a leading Content Delivery Network (CDN) and datacenter operator in China, has begun deployment of Codensity™ T400 Video Transcoders to improve efficiencies and scalability in the processing and distribution of H.265 HEVC live video streaming services.

NETINT Technologies’ solution improves H.265 encoding efficiencies, while reducing Wangsu’s bandwidth requirements and helping scale its live video streaming business

Today, the majority of video streaming content is encoded and distributed using ubiquitous H.264 AVC video coding.  The newer high efficiency H.265 HEVC video coding can deliver similar encoding quality using only half the bandwidth.  Wangsu’s strategy is to realize these bandwidth savings across its CDN, by receiving H.264 video content from Broadcast TV, social media, or Enterprise customers, transcoding the H.264 video to H.265 format in its data centers, and then distributing the compressed video across its CDN to consumers using H.265 compatible devices, from 4K UHD TVs to smartphones.  The challenge is that H.265 encoding requires 4-10x the processing power compared to H.264 encoding, resulting in Wangsu facing an uneconomical buildout for the tens of thousands compute servers required to host software encoding processes across its datacenters.

The Codensity T400 Video Transcoder solution helps Wangsu economically scale its H.265 video streaming services.  The Codensity T400 value proposition combines the quality and efficiency of ASIC-based encoding inside an advanced computational storage architecture, with the scalability benefits of standard NVMe interface and compact U.2 plug-in modules.

“Video content continues to be largest category of IP traffic volume distributed across our global CDN,” said Dr. SUN, Principal Scientist of Wangsu Science & Technology.  “H.265 video encoding offers significant bandwidth savings, however realizing these benefits requires extensive compute server resources to run H.265 software encoding processes inside our datacenters.  The Codensity T400 solution from NETINT Technologies offers an efficient solution for video content encoding from Wangsu’s media and live streaming customers, enabling Wangsu to deliver high quality H.265 live video streaming with lower costs, power, and space requirements. With its unique computational storage architecture that delivers large throughput and high encoding quality, and with low power consumption and a small U.2 form factor, the Codensity T400 is a scalable encoding solution for Wangsu’s edge video processing requirements.”

“Wangsu is a leading CDN operator with a high level of technical requirements and operational experience,” said Tao Zhong, CTO and CEO of NETINT Technologies.  “Wangsu’s deployment of our Codensity T400 Video Transcoders is a strong validation of our innovative technology, early execution of our strategy, and results from our R&D efforts.  NETINT is fully committed to helping Wangsu with its deployment of our Codensity T400 solution to realize the benefits of Encoding at Scale.”

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About Wangsu Science and Technology
Founded in January 2000, Wangsu Science and Technology Co., Ltd (Stock code: 300017) is dedicated in research of key technologies regarding big data and cloud computing infrastructures. The company has built an extensive and efficient global Content Delivery Network (CDN), edge computing network and data center (IDC), to meet users’ data computing and interaction needs anytime, anywhere.  Powered by its strong data delivery and processing capabilities, Wangsu provides a wealth of products and services including CDN, customized IDC, cloud security, cloud computing and edge computing. Wangsu’s intelligent platform handles trillions of service requests on a daily basis, serving billions of Internet users around the world.  Our vision: Intelligent Network Connects Tomorrow.

About NETINT Technologies
NETINT Technologies is a pioneer of computational storage and video processing SoC solutions for cloud and edge computing. Its Codensity portfolio enables enterprise, cloud data centers and content providers to deploy high performance applications that they can scale without limit, while minimizing their data storage and video processing costs. NETINT, founded by an experienced team of storage SoC veterans, is a Canadian venture-funded startup with R&D facilities in Vancouver, Toronto and Shanghai, China. For more information, visit