Whitepaper: The Emergence of Cloud Mobile Gaming

The Emergence of Cloud Mobile Gaming

Cloud mobile gaming has a unique set of technical and economic challenges – the scale is massive, the network is cellular, and the distribution of mobile apps is virtually impossible outside of established app stores. The existing code base for mobile apps is centric to the iOS and Android platforms, encouraging server-side implementations of the mobile technology stack. The infrastructure for mobile streaming utilizes Arm-based servers, virtualized multi-user graphics acceleration, and high performance, low latency video streaming. NETINT has developed high density video encoders that deliver high visual fidelity and low latency ideal for game streaming.

To improve the industry’s understanding of the technology and architecture of mobile game streaming NETINT has sponsored a white paper from Tirias Research The Emergence of Cloud Mobile Gaming: A New Solution Utilizing Arm-Based Infrastructure & High Performance, Low Latency Video Encoding & Game Graphics on Virtualized Sessions to Stream Mobile Games to Smartphones.