Product Brief: Codensity T408 Video Transcoder

High Density Video Encoding and Transcoding


Download our product brief to learn more details about how the Codensity T408 Video Transcoders delivers scalable H.264 and H.265 transcoding and encoding ladder generation for video streaming services.

High Encoding Density

Each T408 module supports 4K UHD resolution @ 60 frames per second (fps), or a staggering 8 simultaneous 1080p H.265 HEVC encoding sessions @ 30 fps.

Integrates into Enterprise-Class NVMe Servers

Many servers, from a variety of vendors, are increasingly available with multiple 2.5″ U.2 NVMe Bays. A mid-range Intel(r) multi-core 1U server with 10x NVMe bays can host 10x transcoder modules supporting 80x simultaneous 1080p30 real-time transcoding sessions.

Software Integration with FFmpeg Library Support

The Codensity solution includes an efficient FFmpeg compatible SDK, allowing existing video encoding applications already using FFmpeg to achieve quick and significant performance and capacity improvements.